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Itís A Privilege To Welcome You To Our Secure Online Shopping!

PLEASE NOTE: The SECURITY LOCK doesn't appear until you reach the page that asks for your credit card details. And it appears AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, to the right of the browser address dialogue box.

Postage and Handling Within Australia is Fifteen Dollars. Outside Australia is Thirty Eight Dollars, Air Mailed, Registered and Insured.

All parcels are sent registered post and must be signed for, so please leave a convenient daytime delivery address under Customer Details on your order form.

In the Comments section, please tell me how you heard about us. It's very helpful to know this.

You enter our Online Store by clicking the Browse Entire Catalog button below this message.

Our online shopping cart is both user friendly and easy to use. Because we all interpret information differently, and forget to click options, these instructions are designed to ensure you travel through our cart trouble free and give us everything we need to fulfil your order quickly.

So please print this page now to make your online shopping an enjoyable experience!

By keeping this printed page by your side as you order, it will help you proceed very easily through to the checkout. Please note that all prices are in Australian dollars. In the near future, we will be able to provide you with a Currency Converter.

If you feel more comfortable placing your order by telephone, please ring me, Carol Jones, on 02 63 58 85 11 within Australia and +612 63 58 85 11 outside Australia. If I'm already on a call, Telstra MessageBank will take your message and I'll ring you back as soon as I'm finished.

Your instructions begin here.

1. Before clicking your Buy Me button, please make sure youíve selected your colour in the Optional Preferences box in each section.

2. Once clicking the Buy Me button, youíre taken to the Shopping Cart page.

3. If youíre ordering more than one item, on the Shopping Cart page you need to click the Back button at the top left of your screen to select another product. Donít click the Shop Online Menu. It gets you back to this page only.

4. Once youíve selected all the items you wish to purchase, you must next click the Calculate Shipping Link under the Subtotal.

5. When clicked, on the Shipping line, youíll see a Preference Box saying Within Australia. If youíre having your parcel shipped within Australia, change nothing. The charge is Fifteen Dollars. If youíre having your parcel shipped outside Australia, click on the Preference Box and choose Outside Australia. The charge is Thirty Eight Dollars.

6. If after you choose Within Australia or Outside Australia, no dollar value shows up in the right hand column, itís a fault with our host companyís template. Just proceed to the next step below. We will include the correct shipping amount when we debit you.

7. Next, YOU MUST CLICK THE SET SHIPPING BUTTON to proceed further.

8. After clicking the Set Shipping button, click the Proceed to Checkout icon at the bottom of the page. If the screen doesnít change, click Set Shipping again. Then click Proceed to Checkout icon again.

9. You come to Customer Details. Please fill out and click the Click To Complete Your Order Button. Donít be concerned if you donít see the security lock yet as it does not appear on your screen until youíre ready to give your credit card details.

10. On the next screen, at the bottom, choose your payment method. Either Online, or Use Other Payment Method. Other payment method allows you to register your order, but pay offline by mail, fax or telephone.

11. If you choose pay Online, the next screen is Payment Details and shows the security lock. Enter your credit card information. When completed, click the Submit button.

12. The next screen says Thank You. It allows you to review your order and go back to make changes if necessary. If everything is as it should be, click the print your order link. Then click the close this window link. A confirmation email will then be emailed to you.

13. You can cancel your order by inserting 0 in the Qty box by the item selected, then click enter.

I hope you find these instructions helpful. If you have any problem with ordering, please ring me, Carol Jones, on 02 63 588 511 or email me on the Contact Us page in our main website. Iím always ready to help!

Take care,


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